Friday, 6 July 2018

Fun times at Arataki

Fun times at Arataki
Welcome to Farm to Forest the sign read. I can't believe place used to be a potato farm I think as I look around at the spectacular trees. The farm got replanted in native trees with lots of gravel paths winding through. “Wow, look at how big this tree can be” said Kosha “It can go up to 30m”. We had lots to see on our school trip to Arataki but not enough time to see it all.

“Chew, chew, poo, poo,” Ms Best said as she explained the life cycle of a leaf. The life cycle of a leaf is when the leaf falls off the branch and lands on the ground. A few days later it turns into soil and goes back up the tree and becomes a new leaf.

Before we left to go on the walk we have to scrub and spray our shoes with a spray (I don't know what the spray is) because we might spread a disease that's called Kauri dieback disease, also there is no cure for Kauri dieback disease.

We headed off back into the bush on a bug hunt, following the Park Ranger into a part of the bush only they were allowed to go. We are going to be looking for bugs with a pooter. A pooter is a container with two thick straws, one has a piece of tape, the other one doesn't. The one that has the piece of tape is the part where you suck, be careful as you could suck up the wrong side and end up with a bug in your mouth. We used these to find bugs in the dirt.

By the end of the trip I was exhausted ready to have a long nap on the way back. I think Arataki is a extraordinary experience that I recommend for you to go to with your family.

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